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LVP Powder and Paints

11122 Morrison Lane
Dallas, TX 75229
(214) 564-5254

Most of us here at Low Volume Powder have been involved in the powder coating industry for many years. Some of us have run our own shops and lived with the daily frustration of running a business. For example, having a customer walk into our shop with their kid's bike and wanting us to coat it "Pink". Well unless we happened to have RAL 3015 in stock we would be trying to steer him or her away from pink towards something we happened to have handy. 

Wouldn't it nice if we could buy small quantities of powder at a reasonable price that we knew was in stock and could ship the same day?  This way we could offer our customers a choice of just about any color and complete the job in a reasonable time frame without having to stock 50 lbs of powder, which would probably expire by the time we used it again?

In addition,  we were always being asked if we had touch up paint to match that new set of rims we just coated. When we did happen to have something laying around it was in 12 Oz can when all the customer really wanted was a touch up pen or brush.

Over the years we found this problem was not exclusive to us and thus LVP was born. 
Our mission is to be your supplier of low volumes of powder and matching touch up paint. We package all our powders in 2 and 5 pound boxes which are clearly labeled in both English and Spanish. The packages are also color coded so that it’s easy to locate a powder and thus reduce errors. All our products are in stock and ship the same business day for orders received before 12 Noon CST

Our paints are available in 12 Oz and 4 Oz spray cans, bottle with brush and pen