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Aerospace Material Specification / AMS-STD-595

Aerospace Material Specification
Select the color below to go direct to the product page for that color or enter the 5 digit number into the search box. 
Note that your monitor may display the color a little different to the actual color.
Paint available in 12 Oz Spray Cans, 2 Oz Bottle with Brush, Touch Up Pen, Pints, Quarts and Gallons.
Call (972) 243-7386 or email us if you don't see the color you are looking for listed. Not all colors have been added to the website.

The colors in the Aerospace Material Specification set have no official names, just five-digit numbers. Any names given are generic. 

The first number can be 1,2 or 3 and indicates the level of gloss/sheen: 
1 = Full Gloss 
2 = Semi-gloss 
3 = Flat 

The second number of the code indicates a general color classification group; 
0 = Brown
1 = Red
2 = Orange
3 = Yellow
4 = Green
5 = Blue
6 = Grey 
7 = Other (white, black, violet, metallic)  
8 = Fluorescent 

The other numbers indicate the intensity. Lower numbers are darker colors, higher numbers, - lighter colors. The numbers are not consecutive and contain gaps to allow addition of new colors.

In February 2017 FED-STD-595C, dated 16 January 2008, was superseded by SAE AMS-STD-595 "colors used in government procurement", and is now administered by SAE INTERNATIONAL.

Note that for the most part colors from 595A,B and C remain unchanged. New colors have been added to each revision. More information on the standard is a avaialble Here

Not all colors in the standard are defined at all 3 gloss/sheen levels hence a color chip 1xxxx in the standard doesn't imply that there is a color chip for 3xxxx. However, "virtual" colors built on the principle "same color, but different gloss/sheen" is a widespread practice.

We carry paint for most of the 600+ Aerospace Material Specification Colors at the designated gloss/sheen. Should you require a different gloss/sheen level you can indicate this in the comments during checkout or contact us at (972) 243-7386. 

You can email RFQ's to Linda@lvppaints.com or call us.
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AMS-STD-595 12Oz Spray Can
AMS-STD-595 2Oz Bottle & Brush
AMS-STD-595 Pen
 AMS-STD-595 Pint Paint Can
 AMS-STD-595 Quart Paint Can
AMS-STD-595 Gallon Paint Can